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On October 5, 2022, we kicked off the community involvement efforts for our project with a two-hour MEET & GREET themed “THE IDEAL – THE REAL & US!”

This project’s primary objective is to enhance climate resilience and community cohesiveness. Studies conducted on a global scale revealed that community cohesion can serve as a resilience tool to combat elevated levels of pollution, scarcity of natural resources, and to promote climate resilience.

Examining Malta’s existing community cohesion, participants analysed community ties and discussed the following:

  • Social cohesion entails the willingness and capacity of a society to cooperate; does this hold true for Malta’s Communities?
  • Could composite heritage aid in the reduction of radical thought and the promotion of environmental care across communities?
  • And what are the facts on climate change?

The discussion brought to light that communities lack social cohesiveness and low interest in joint efforts between local and migrant communities to actively help safeguard the environment. All participants noted that this might be due to stereotypes, poor engagement in healthy debates, inefficient use of funds, and inadequate utilisation of organisational tools required to establish cooperative networks within and across communities. It was noted that community sessions like this provide a very good opportunity to learn from each other, spark off open dialogues and foster a sense of belonging.

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“This project has been funded through the Voluntary Organisations Project Scheme managed by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector supported by the Ministry for Inclusion, Voluntary Organisations and Consumer Rights (MIVC)”.