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Tolerance, inter-cultural dialogue and respect for diversity are more essential than ever in a world where people are becoming more and more closely interconnected.
Kofi Annan
Secretary General (2004), United Nations

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Together For a Brighter Tomorrow

Multicultural integration is crucial for the wellbeing of individuals in diverse situations. It plays a pivotal role in advancing social justice and fostering inclusive societies. In today’s diverse world, successfully integrating people from different backgrounds is essential for their overall wellbeing. NWAMI International Malta (NIM) shares the same objectives, striving to promote cultural understanding and harmony among communities. By emphasizing multicultural integration, NWAMI International Malta (NIM) works towards creating inclusive societies where everyone can thrive.

NIM aims to promote social justice by ensuring equal opportunities and rights for individuals, regardless of their cultural backgrounds. They also seek to enhance community cohesion by bridging cultural gaps and fostering positive relationships. Through culture, art, and education, NIM actively supports multicultural integration, social justice, and inclusive societies by engaging local and migrant communities to work towards common goals for the benefit of all.

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With your support you help us to keep up our hands-on community engagement initiatives to bridge the gap between people and their cultures and combat social exclusion and foster a better understanding.

With support from people like you we hope to carry on with our work to foster a spirit of inclusion and friendship, in support of those who are feeling isolated and alone helping them to feel part of the community. You can support NWAMI International Malta and the work we are doing with a donation, by collaborating with us, promoting us and our work or by becoming one of our team volunteers

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