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Culture & Community

At NWAMI International Malta, we seek to break down barriers between people from all walks of life and cultures to building a better tomorrow together.  Our emphasis is on transforming our silo-culture by bridging the socio-cultural divide. Through our Culture and Community initiatives,  NWAMI International Malta aims to foster a spirit of friendship between people with different sociocultural backgrounds, different abilities, and different ethnicities. 

Part of our Culture & Community initiatives are also to familiarise international members of with the wealth of Maltese culture and customs within Malta’s rich multicultural fabric.  

With our community engagement initiatives, we seek to help decreasing any social hurdles that people encounter. We hope to help create better understanding and respect for each individual member of Malta’s highly diverse society. 

Sea & Community Project

On behalf of the Art & Community Engagement department, we would like to introduce you to our currently running project: ‘Sea & Community’ with paintings by our very own Director

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