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NWAMI International Malta Culture Café Series


The purpose of this our Culture Café series is to break the ice between those of all totally different cultures and backgrounds.  

Held at our social hub located at the beautiful Valletta Waterfront easily recognizable by a plaquette bearing our logo on the wall next to the entrance, our Culture Cafés offer a variety of topics involving music, art, dance, food, customs, and lifestyles. Simply a great opportunity for people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds to meet up, share a taste of their own culture and learn more cultural traditions and customs around the globe

Some events will be daytime, in the morning or afternoon, so that people will be able to meet and get to know each other over a cup of tea or coffee, which can be purchased at Ta’ Detta at an affordable cost.

The main language of communication will be English, but other languages will be welcome as well.

Visit our Facebook page for announcements of our next Culture Café and for more information