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Sea & Community Project


On behalf of the Art & Community Engagement department, we would like to introduce you to our currently running project: ‘Sea & Community’ with paintings by our very own Director our Department Arts & Community Engagement, Dr Michelle Gialanze.

The original paintings can be viewed at our Social Headquarters at the premises of Ta’ Detta Restaurant, Valletta Waterfront

With the little video, we would like to invite you to get in touch with us and share your thoughts on what the sea means to you what ways the sea inspires community engagement.

Life on the jetty transcends different friendships over time and across generations. From the young sharing a paddleboat to elderly ladies sitting on the jetty enjoying a picnic. Peaceful harmony resigns, emitting positivity and colour. Many Maltese memories are defined by our life on the beaches from childhood through to the third age. We live in these physical spaces and a sense of time past, sometimes simultaneously, as we espy the mix of modern hulls moored alongside the vibrant colours. Subsequent generations come and go, however, we have great memories of our time together swimming and enjoying the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, which is always there to greet us in spring and remain until we say farewell to our jetty hours as the summer suns fade into winter.
Dr. Michelle Gialanze
Director Arts & Community Engagement