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Partnering with NWAMI International Malta

NWAMI International Malta adheres to stringent due diligence criteria as mandated by the Voluntary Organisations Act (Chapter 492) of Malta. These criteria ensure our NGO is well-managed, financially stable, and effective in achieving its mission, while operating with integrity and transparency.

By maintaining these standards, we mitigate risks and foster successful, impactful partnerships. Potential partners can trust in our commitment to accountability and excellence, ensuring a fruitful collaboration.

The specific criteria to be met by potential partners with NWAMI International Malta (NIM) include the following:

Legal and Organizational Structure

  • Verification of legal registration and compliance with local laws.

  • Transparent governance with a qualified board of directors.

Financial Health and Stability

  • Submission of a current Compliance Certificate

    Operational Capacity

    • Proven track record of program effectiveness and impact.

    • Adequate infrastructure and resource management.

    Ethical Standards and Practices

    • Adherence to ethical conduct and safeguarding policies.

    • Commitment to environmentally sustainable practices.

    Compliance and Risk Management

    • Implementation of risk assessment and mitigation strategies.

    • Regular compliance with national and international laws and regulations.


    For more details, please refer to the official legislation. We look forward to building successful and impactful partnerships.