Prelude to the UN International Day for People of African Descent 2023

Commemorating the International Day for People of African Descent on August 31st holds special significance at NWAMI International Malta. Our commitment to fostering inclusivity, cultural understanding, and social justice within our island’s context aligns with the spirit of this observance.

Dance workshop to explore how nonverbal communication impacts stereotypes

The African Media Association of Malta (AMAM), NWAMI International Malta (NIM) and Zfin Malta are organising a unique dance workshop which will explore how nonverbal communication impacts stereotypes. The event, taking place on Saturday 24 June at 2.30pm at the Zfin Malta premises in Valletta, is the final activity of the SMITE project. SMITE, which […]

Paykan Art Car

Oslo Freedom Forum 2023, the Paykan automobile was revealed to the public. PaykanArtCar is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization founded in 2021 to unite the talents of contemporary Iranian artists with a beloved symbol of national pride: the Paykan automobile Through creativity, the organization advocates for the restoration of human rights and dignity for all in […]

Oslo Freedom Forum – Theatre Talks – Day 1

Day 1 of the 2023 Oslo Forum! Talks and performances by: Masud Gharahkhani, Norwegian Storting (Parliament) president Marianne Borgen, Oslo mayor Ketakandriana Rafitoson, Malagasy anti-corruption and democracy activist Francis Fukuyama, American political scientist and author Félix Maradiaga, Nicaraguan democracy advocate Gulbahar Haitiwaji, Uyghur survivor of China’s concentration camps Kalbinur Sidik, Uzbek survivor of China’s genocide […]

Exploring NWAMI International Malta’s Mission: a Q&A with President Maria-Gabriele Doublesin 

This Q&A with NWAMI International Malta’s President Maria-Gabriele Doublesin, conducted prior to her departure to Norway to attend the 2023 Oslo Freedom Forum, informs the reader of the organization’s mission to foster greater understanding and cooperation among like-minded individuals. Q: What does NWAMI in NWAMI International Malta stand for? A: NWAMI stands for networking for […]