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Transformative Education – Critical Thinking and AI – Interview with Salah Khalil


This highly informative and thought-provoking discussion is the second initiative to mark the International Day for People of African Descent which is aimed to honour and promote the extraordinary contributions of people of the African Diaspora.

The video recording features Salah Khalil, Founder and CEO of Macat International Limited and Founder of Alexandria Trust, a London-based charity dedicated to restoring world-class education in the Arab Region. Salah Khalil is a global pioneer in the field of teaching critical thinking and one of the contemporary trailblazers in the field of modern education and skills development. He is the developer of industry-leading critical thinking assessment tools and producer of academic content that transforms the way people learn.  

As NIM continues its discussions around the theme of fighting slavery’s legacy of racism through transformative education ahead of this year’s International Day of People of African Descent on 31 August, our conversation with Mr Khalil unpicks the opportunities and challenges which new technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence, present to help people in Africa and those who are disadvantaged because of their African origin, finally create a level playing field.