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Dance workshop to explore how nonverbal communication impacts stereotypes


The African Media Association of Malta (AMAM), NWAMI International Malta (NIM) and Zfin Malta are organising a unique dance workshop which will explore how nonverbal communication impacts stereotypes.

The event, taking place on Saturday 24 June at 2.30pm at the Zfin Malta premises in Valletta, is the final activity of the SMITE project. SMITE, which stands for ‘Stereotypes & Mass Information Together Explored’ is fully funded by the Iceland – Liechtenstein – Norway Active Citizens Fund, operated by SOS Malta, and is run by AMAM in partnership with NIM. 


Mediterranean Conference Centre, Hospital Street, Valletta


24th June 2023





The workshop will give participants the opportunity to learn about the creation of single or incomplete stories about different groups and how nonverbal communication including body language and facial expressions, including dancing itself, convey emotions and attitudes which reinforce these stories and stereotypes. The confusion that can be created by inconsistencies between what is expressed verbally and nonverbal communication will also be explored.

Maria Gabriele Doublesin, President of NIM and the project’s designer, said, “Dance is a powerful non-verbal communication tool because it allows people to express themselves physically and emotionally in a way that transcends language barriers. Dance also involves movement, which can be a universal language that people of all cultures can understand and appreciate. Additionally, dance allows people to connect with others on a deeper level and fosters a sense of community and belonging. However, dance can sometimes perpetuate incomplete or single stories and stereotypes across cultures. Our workshop will seek, through dance, to explore and better understand how nonverbal communication affects our views of the people around us.”