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Edutainment Lab – Interactive Experiential Education Workshops 

The project’s Edutainment Lab consists of two Interactive experiential workshops. The purpose of these two experiential workshops is to encourage active learning, where participants are actively involved in the learning process. Instead of simply listening to talks or debate during informal social gatherings, they can engage with the content through hands-on activities, simulations, role-playing and problem-solving exercises and movement. 

Edutainment Lab 1:

Experiential Education Workshop on Creation and Maintenance of Single Stories

The goal of this session was to learn through play and re-enactment how single stories can be created and maintained. The clip captures moments when we exemplified how single stories are carried forth by ‘hear-say’ with the game ‘Chinese whisper’ also known as ‘broken telephone’ where one is to whisper a message into the ear of the other person and this person was then to whisper what was heard into another person’s ear. The last person receiving the message then has to share it with the group. This initiative forms part of the AMAM-NIM ACF joint project ‘Moving Beyond the Single Story: Combating Social Exclusion Through Media Literacy and Critical Thinking. The use of the ‘Chinese Whisper’ game was inspired by the project’s acronym ‘SMITE’ – Stereotypes & Mass Information Together Explored – which resembles phonetically the Maltese verb ‘smajt’ which means translated into English ‘I heard’.

Edutainment Lab 2:

Breaking Boundaries: Single Stories & Diversity Expressed Through Dance

By utilizing dance as a form of nonverbal expression in media, creators and viewers can challenge single or incomplete stories, combat social exclusion, and promote a more inclusive society. Media literacy empowers individuals to recognize and appreciate the transformative potential of dance in media, allowing them to engage with diverse narratives and perspectives. Through this engagement, media can contribute to breaking down barriers, fostering empathy, and creating a more inclusive and equitable world.

This YouTube video clip is showcasing the last experiential Edutainment Lab workshop of our ACF joint Project SMITE themed: “Breaking Boundaries: Single Stories & the Diversity of Dance” which was specifically choreographed and facilitated by Paolo Mangiola and his group of dancers of Żfin National Dance Company. It was the closing event of Project SMITE ‘Moving Beyond the Single Story: combating social exclusion through media literacy.’  The aim of this last Edutainment Lab workshop was to give participants the opportunity to experience the unique and multifaceted nature of dance, and how it can be used to challenge our preconceptions and biases.