NIM participates in NWAMI UK’s International Integration Day


Our British-Maltese relationship runs deep and our stories of multicultural integration are interconnected. NWAMI International Malta was formed with the idea to carry Dr Sibani’s work for social justice, the elimination of racism and hate crime beyond the shores of Great Britain. To make this possible it was decided that NWAMI International Malta should operate as an autonomously governed body. In simple terms, we are one family with two self-sustaining households. Like family members, who come together to celebrate their annual family feasts, it is NWAMI International Malta’s pleasure and honour to join NWAMI UK in their initiative against hate crime with a brief, but very comprehensive talk by Dr Kevin Sammut Henwood, Malta’s Principle Forensic Psychologist at MHSE and lecturer at the Department of Criminology, University of Malta, explaining the concept of hate crime, the three acts hate crime is comprised of and the impact hate crime has on the individual and on society. This NWAMI International Malta Initiative is carried out in In solidarity with NWAMI UK’s call for action to raise the level of hate crime awareness.