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ACF Bilateral-2023 Oslo Freedom Forum


The Oslo Freedom Forum, originally founded by the film producer and human rights advocate Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza in 2009 with the purpose to honor survivors of Nazism and Communism consists of a series of annual global conferences organized by the Human Rights Foundation.  Dubbed by the journal The Economist as the “Davos for Human Rights”, the Oslo Freedom Forum provides a platform for thought leaders, human rights activists, journalists, and other influential figures from around the world to share their stories and experiences and collaborate on ideas.   

Following up on a call for bilateral initiatives issued by the Iceland – Liechtenstein – Norway Active Citizens Fund with the aim to support activities to strengthen ties between Maltese NGOs and entities from the Donor States for to further the development of active citizenship, foster social justice and inclusion and combat discrimination, NWAMI International Malta, a NGO that focuses on the development of social cohesion through culture, art and education, entered a bilateral project partnership with the Human Rights Foundation for the 2023 Oslo Freedom Forum Initiative and was awarded funding that will enable two of its delegates, NWAMI International Malta President and Chairperson of Projects and Research, Maria-Gabriele Doublesin and Samira Jamil, the organisation’s General Secretary,  to travel to Norway to attend the complete series of conferences and panel discussions that are spread over a period of three days and to carry out awareness promoting cultural understanding and to share insights gained.

Mrs Doublesin says “Attending the Oslo Freedom Forum is an invaluable experience, both in terms of personal and professional growth and in advancing NWAMI International Malta’s mission and goals. We are immensely grateful for being given this a unique opportunity to directly interact with distinguished thought leaders and change makers who are dedicated to bring about positive change in the world from and to learn from them.”

By attending this forum, NWAMI International Malta can showcase its efforts to promote cultural understanding and human rights, while also gaining insights and inspiration from fellow attendees. 

Rot. Maria-Gabriele Doublesin


Samira Jamil


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Stay tuned for updates during the event.

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