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Launch of our NIM Culture Café Series: Custom of Easter Egg Painting


The event was facilitated by Dame Anna Porcheddu and our Lithuanian guest, Vaiva Šiaučiulytė, who brought some beautifully decorated eggs.  

In Lithuania, egg painting involves the whole family sitting around the table celebrating Easter by producing beautifully decorated eggs. 

Vaiva showed us how beautiful these eggs can be, and told us about the fun that families in Lithuania have while decorating them

Vaiva explained that very traditional techniques are used to decorate very unique Easter eggs by using natural herbal colours from onion peels, beetroot flowers and leafs which resulted in very interesting and beautiful patterns.

Easter egg painting plays an important role in Lithuanian Easter celebrations.

Attendees of several nationalities attended our first NIM Culture Cafe, all sitting around a table at our social hub at Ta Detta Restaurant and everybody was curious and had lots of questions for our guest, Vaiva.

One of the attendees was a cute teddy bear called Kevin, from Ireland, who inspired us to dedicate our next Culture Café on the origin of the Teddy bear and collect Teddy Stories,  memories of our childhood.

NWAMI International Malta thanks Dame Anna and our guest presenter Vaiva for sharing this beautiful tradition of her country, and all our attendees who enjoyed the morning with us.

We all look forward to our next Culture Café meeting.