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“Let’s Discuss Fashion – Influences of Culture & Ethnic Heritage” with Sonette Aboud


Our 2023 Culture Cafe Series started on 12th of April with a Culture Café Special themed . The event was held at our social hub at Ta’ Detta Restaurant.

Cultural multiplicity has touched many areas of day-to-day living. Fashion today is at the foreground of our multicultural drive, encouraging openness and exposure to different cultures. From the traditional kimonos of Japan to the vibrant colors of India’s saris, fashion is a reflection of the culture it comes from.
It is a way to honor and appreciate the diversity of different cultures and bring people together as well as show support and solidarity for the people who identify with that culture. It is a tool to bring attention to social issues that are important to us.
We would like to thank NWAMI International Malta’s Collaborator Sonette Aboud for a memorable and very inspirational morning.