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Christmas Traditions: Candles’ day – Colombia


As in many catholic countries in Colombia we also celebrate the holiday of the Immaculate Conception. Nevertheless, for us 7th of December night is special, we have a beautiful and particular celebration, where candles take a relevant importance, every year family, friends, neighbors meet in the houses, parks, or around their buildings to light little candles and paper lanterns.

Most of the streets, parks, balconies are full of colors and gets illuminated for a astonishing spectacle of light, fire, and faith. For each candle that we turn on, we make a wish, and the night is warm because everyone is sharing time with their relatives, the families next door or their closest friends. Also is a good opportunity to have some typical drinks, one option nonalcoholic is aguapanela and if you want something stronger you can take a shot of aguardiente or canelazo.

 Those who are living in other countries also celebrate this day, some of us meet to make our wishes and spend a great night.

Catalina Contreras, Student in Malta
Degree in psychology and pedagogy.
Specialist in organization, social responsibility, and development.