Judge Ray Singh CBE

Ray Singh was Wales’ first ethnic minority judge. In 1992, he was appointed Deputy District Judge of the Merthyr Tydfil combined Law Courts on the Wales circuit. He served on the Welsh Advisory Committee on Drug and Alcohol Misuse, the Family Court Services Committee, the National Assembly Advisory Group, and the South and Southwest Wales Criminal Justice Liaison Committee. Former Commission for Racial Equality Commissioner (1996-2002). For his dedication and achievements Judge Singh was in 2001 awarded Commander of the British Empire, which is highest ranking Order of the British Empire Award.

Between the years 2000 and 2003 Judge Singh chaired the Formal Investigation into HM Prison Service which produced the 2000-2003 Zahid Mubarak and Racial Equality in Prison reports.

Judge Singh is a member of the Bar’s Race Relations Committee and the Child Support Appeals Tribunal, and he also chairs the Welsh Government’s Complaints Panel. In 2010 Judge Singh has been appointed as Chair of the Welsh Race Council

Dr Carla Camilleri

Assistant Director of Aditus

Dr. Carla Camilleri is the Assistant Director and legal officer at Aditus foundation, a non-profit that monitors, acts, and reports on human rights in Malta. She also teaches LLM students in the EU Area of Freedom, Security, and Justice Law at the University of Malta.

Dr Camilleri advocates for migration, integration, anti-discrimination, and LGBTI rights at aditus foundation. Carla has published several reports, including ‘A Way Forward for a National Integration Policy in Malta and A Report on National Integration Policies in Malta’. She also worked with Neil Falzon on MGRM’s Position Paper on Marriage Equality ‘Advocating the Best Options of Legislating for Same-Sex Couples & Families in Malta’. She also wrote about sexual orientation discrimination for the European Documentation and Research Centre’s project Anti-Discrimination, Inclusion, and Equality in Malta.

Dr Camilleri also provides legal pro bono services information to clients in areas such as migration and asylum, LGBTI rights, anti-discrimination, and workplace rights.

Herman Grech

Editor in Chief, Times of Malta

Herman Grech is a five-time national journalism award winner. He devised and produced the debate show Times Talk and routinely contributes to media titans such as BBC World, DPA, and The Economist.  Herman Grech began working as a journalist for Times of Malta in 1997. Prior to being named editor-in-chief of Malta’s largest news organization, he served as deputy editor of The Sunday Times, head of media, and online editor. For the past 25 years, he has served as deputy editor, head of media, and online editor.

He has spent the past 18 years analyzing the migration question and writing about the danger of right-wing speech. In addition to being a theatre director, he is also the author and producer of the play De-terminated.  Herman has been a vocal advocate for integration and the need for media literacy and critical thinking. He is also a theatre director and scriptwriter, the most recent of which is ‘They Blew Her Up’, a play focusing on Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination.

Olugbemi (Debbie) Bolanle

Nurse and Pentecostal Pastor

Debbie Bolanle has been born and raised in Nigeria. She is living in Malta since 2000 and is working as a Pentecostal Pastor for a community mostly dominated by African people. Her interest is in culturally generated gender issues and helping the members of her community deal with social and cultural disparities between older and younger generations of her community can lead to conflict and adaptation issues. Debbie Bolanle also works in close collaboration with NGOs who are working with Asylum seekers and Refugees.

Dr Klaus Peter Edinger

Pastor of the German Community in Malta

Dr Klaus-Peter Edinger studied Theology at Theological College in Bethel/Bielefeld and University of Heidelberg, PhD in Missiology and Religious Studies. He was born in 1952 in Germany and is married and a father of 3 adult children and proud grandfather of 4 grandchildren.

Dr Klaus-Peter Edinger has served as German Pastor at different parishes in Protestant District Church of the Palatinate, dispatched by the Evangelical Church in Germany for 6 years as Pastor to Port Elizabeth, South Africa and for 6 years as Pastor and Lecturer to Harare, Zimbabwe.

At present he is serving as Pastor at the German Protestant Church in Valletta, Malta.