Mariella Pisani Bencini 

Mariella Pisani Bencini is a well-known author, presenter, and TV producer. Her name is also synonymous with her weekly television programme ‘Meander’, promoting the art and cultural scene in Malta for the past 27 years. In December 2021 Mariella was presented the Malta Society of Arts Gold Medal Award 2021 by H.E. the President of Malta, George Vella for her extensive contribution to the arts and culture sector.

Mohamed Ali “Dali” Aguerbi 

Mohamed Ali “Dali” Aguerbi is a theatre artist and an LGBTQI+ activist from Tunisia based in Malta. He worked with various organizations on minority rights in both countries. Dali joined the Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement MGRM in 2018. He currently acts as a committee member, leading the project Rainbow Bridge addressing the LGBTIQ+ migrant community’s challenges. As an artist, most of his work is about the intersection of storytelling and performance with everyday politics and resistance. He collaborated with various international artists as a performer and co-creator.)

Gail Debono

Gail Debono is the current President of the Malta Chamber of Psychologists and guest lecturer at the University of Malta on Forensic Psychology.  She is also a humanist celebrant providing an alternative to religious ceremonies and is forming part of the Executive Committee of the Malta Humanist Association.

Gail works full time as Forensic Psychologist at CSA. Next to this she also runs her private practice. Gail also was on the psychological team servicing the Sea-Watch crew, a German operated NGO dedicated to the rescue of migrants at the Mediterranean, with briefings before they set out for their rescue missions and debriefing sessions upon their return.

Mario Gerada 

Mario Gerada is a social worker by profession and for most of his professional life he worked in the fields of development and migration focusing on policy analysis, campaigning, and project coordination.  He also worked as a researcher on several research projects which looked at discrimination and violence on the grounds of minority and marginalized groups. He also led research on food security and sovereignty.

Mario wrote the project Ħwawar u Fjuri introducing ethnobotany as a method to engage migrant people in Malta in conversations about ‘integration.’

Mario has an MA in Christian Spirituality from the University of Malta. He is regularly invited to lecture about René Girard’s Mimetic Theory and thinking.